1800% Increase in Organic Clicks within 1 month

Took a website from 56 monthly clicks to 1.2K+ monthly clicks in less than 1 month without spending a penny on backlinks.

Our Strategy

Broken down in 3 simple steps


Step 1 – Finding Rankable Keywords

1. Competitor Research using Ahrefs:

-Compiled a relevant comprehensive list of 100+ relevant keywords that competitors are ranking for.

-Shortlisted keywords based on relevance, competition, and search volume

2. SERP Analysis:

-Eliminated keywords with high competition (DR 30+ websites in SERP).

-Assessed search intent and traffic potential for shortlisted keywords and eliminated keywords not fitting the criteria

3. Second Round of Keyword Research:

-Initiated fresh keyword research for shortlisted keywords using Ahrefs.

-Identified related keywords essential for creating comprehensive content.

4. Cluster Formation:

-Established keyword clusters using related keywords found in the last step.

-Finalized keywords for both pillar pages and associated cluster pages.


Step 2 – Creating a Winning Blog Strategy

Created a comprehensive blog strategy for writers that included:

– Minimum Word count ( No max word count )
– Number of images
– Internal and external linking opportunities
– List of subheadings
– Crucial statistics (To attract backlinks)
– References to understand the search intent


Step 3 – Working With Data

As blogs started ranking, new data starts coming in.

– A month after publication, Analyzed the pages with keywords ranked in the 4th to 15th position.

– Added new informative content to these pages by looking at the data and current SERP.

This was a continuous process that got us these results.

Conclusion – Consistency and data-driven approach matters the most if you want to see exponential growth !

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